"Living a Legacy is more responsibility than pride.. it is our lighthouse. We are stringent to our policies and principles"
No wonder why, we have come our way for more than a 100 years in business. So were our set principles - Quality, Trust, Delivery, Trade, Transparency & Honesty. Times do come when it storms, but we have learnt to grip ourselves firm to the ground.
Bangdiwala - a firm that traded bangles, set up by Late. Shri. Sukhdeoji Sitaramji Bihani in 1909 encouraged the journey further to Dog Pen Ink, a stationary manufacturing company established in 1958 by Late. Shri. Asaramji Sukhdeoji Bihani.

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With chaging time and trends, we either switched or modified our businesses. In the past we worked immense in distribution and retailing of Telecom. We are currently into five major businesses. Bangdiwala Agro started in 2015, is the Distributor and Manufacturer of Govind Milk Products. Shubh Labh Vastu Pvt.Ltd. is a Real Estate & Land Development company. Sai Laser Arts is into manufacturing of Designer Laser Cut grills, partition for Furnishing and Interiors. Soul Touch is our creative Diamond Jewelery segment.

Bangdiwala Agro
Recent Venture

Our Ventures

Soul Touch Jewellery

The Soul is Eternal & so does our designs are - Forever! 'Soul Touch' is our Diamond Jewellery segment serving those very few, who love collecting designs seen never before.
Rightly Priced & Certified Stones.


Sai Laser Arts

Creativity has no bounds and we bring your imagination into reality. Bring to us anything - your business logo, your abstract design, your themed graphics and we will have it cut into sheet metals, corian, wood et al to be placed in your office or home interiors.


Bangdiwala Agro

Nature processed and packed for you! We have set up a plant to manufacture, process and pack milk products. Currently, we are vendoring to 'Govind Milk', however, we look ahead to process more food items and bring quality products to the market.


Shubh Labh Vastu

Luxury, Comfort, Location, Architecture, Aspects & Prospects.. you name a feature and our appartments would have it. Shubh Labh Vastu have erected homes excelling the idles of signature living. Dwell with the most reliable!


Feathers in our Legacy!

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WE love to capitalise a creative venture. It is taken up as a game changer. Warm we shall be to greet you in our aegis!

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